Thursday, 16 April 2015

Commode Wheelchair For Disability Users

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6
Net Price:Rs6089
Commode chairs are portable toilets, designed to be placed at the bedside of a disabled individual whose activity is very limited. They typically consist of a frame and a waste receptacle that can be easily removed and emptied. Having such a device close at hand is especially helpful for those too debilitated to make the trip to the bathroom. So, if someone close to needs the support and convenience that commodes can offer, in the right place.
Commode Wheelchair can increase bathroom safety or serve as a portable toilet for aging seniors and individuals with disabilities or injuries.

Types of Commode Chairs:

  • Stand-alone commode chair (standard size, extra wide / heavy duty, and drop arm styles).
  • Over-the-toilet commode chair (for added height and safety).
  • Elevated toilet seat (locks onto a regular toilet).
  • Combination shower/toilet/wheelchair commode.    
Commode Chair Features:
  • Wheels or no wheels.
  • Plastic or padded covering (padded is more comfortable, but plastic is easier to clean).
  • Frame materials and durability (stainless steel lasts longer).
  • Fold-down or removable arms.
  • Swing away, removable footrests.
  • Back support.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Weight capacity.

With age and the inevitable onset of ailments, the body has to face various kinds of limitations, Karma Rainbow Wheelchair will come in extremely handy. Designed chair with an attached toilet bowl, height-adjustable, and can be easily cleaned and re-used as many times as wish.
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7
Net Price:Rs6294
especially in matters of mobility. The old and the infirm often face debilitating disorders that make them weak and immobile. This is compounded by the embarrassing problem of incontinence or bowel/bladder control problems. To restore dignity and peace to such a suffering elderly member, the
This chair is very useful for patients who need to relieve themselves on the move but do not have the desired mobility to make it to the nearest washroom on their own.


  • Economy folding self propelled wheelchair suitable for most users.
  • Chair is easily folded for transportation & storage.
  • Footrests swing away and are removable.
  • Full length armrests are removable.
  • Braking easily accessed by user.
  • Alloy wheels with solid tyres that are puncture free.
  • Rear pocket.
  • Quality steel frame construction.

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