Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ergo 125 Self Propel Wheelchair

Ergo 125 self-propel wheelchair is designed and built by the most innovative mobility equipment suppliers in the industry. Its lightweight aircraft aluminium makes the chair easy to manoeuvre and the chair can be collapsed for easy travel and storage.

'Ergo 125' is a lightweight aircraft grade aluminium wheelchair which breaks down to 9kg (20lbs) complete. The lightweight frame is braced with a system of double cross braces which give the wheelchair it's strength and durability. The streamline oval tubes give the wheelchair its unique look. Karma S-Ergo 125 Wheelchair  is packed full of innovative features that you would expect from a Karma wheelchair including; flip back armrests, slowing brakes, quick release wheels, detachable upholstery and the patented Ergo seating.Ergo 125 is designed with detachable armrest and footrest to provide easy access to the chair.
Karma S-Ergo 125 Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs25382

Frame: Light weight aluminium
Footrest: Swing away removable
Armrest: Swing away with ergonomic pads
Wheels: Quick release solid tyres
Castors: Solid 7"
Brakes: Push to lock with attendant braking system
Seat; Fixed height
Back: Folding
Upholstery: Mesh with Aegis microbe shield padding

Karma Ergo 106 Manual Wheelchair with Angle Adjustable back is equipped with the unique S-Ergo (intelligent S-shaped ergonomic seating). Karma Ergo 106  has a special S-style ergonomic frame and a three position angle adjustable back. It features fixed footrests and a “tube-in center” footplate that assures better side leg support and the backrest easily folds for transportation and storage and it also features a pouch for carrying small items. The backrest-armrest coupling structural design to lean back 95, 100, 105 degrees offer tool-free swift adjustments for going back and forth among these three modes. The all-around ergonomic pressure-relief function comes with more innovative design and higher degree of comfort to serve all your needs. 

Suitable for daily usage, senior citizen or minor stroke patients-
  • S-Ergo 106 is equipped with a backrest-armrest coupling structural design so you can easily lean back 95, 100 or 105 degrees with a simple adjustment.
  • The all-around ergonomic pressure-relief function comes with a more innovative design and higher level of comfort to serve all your needs.
Karma Ergo 106
Net Price:Rs24276
Karma Ergo 106 Features-

Backrest coupling structure :

Working angle at 95 degree : productive, enthusiastic
Pushing Angle at 100 degree : agile, energy saving
Resting Angle at 105 degree : relaxing, recharging

S-Ergo Seating System :

Designed according to the body’s natural curves and functions.
Patented in the U.S., EU and many other countries.
Reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers and scoliosis.

Rigidifying push-bar :

The lateral push-bar strengthens back support by adding greater firmness to the chair, and making it more efficient to push and navigate.
Foldable structure makes operation quick and easy for added convenience.

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