Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hand Operated Tricycle For Handicapped

Tricycles are designed in such a manner that they offer ease to the users. It is made the use of optimum quality materials and latest technology methods that make them more durable. Three wheeled cycle designed enables individuals with physical disabilities or limitations the enjoyment of riding a bike. With the Hand Powered Low Seat Trike, wheelchair-users, people with Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegia neurological impairments or other mobility limitation can improve their overall health by Hand Driven Tricycle and social interactions with family and friends.

Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Net Price:Rs6370

Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle:
  • Frame: Made by E.R.W. Tubes 22.22 mm- 18 G.
  • Seat & Back: MS, CRC Sheet Seat Size 18"x 16"
  • Wheel Size: Wheel Diameter 28"x 1 1/2" Tyre and Tube Standard Company.
  • Parts: Standard Quality 
  • Color: Black Painted
  • Brake: Front Wheel liver System
  • Drive: Rear Wheel Right Side

Hand Operated Tricycle available in varied specifications, these tricycles are developed by utilizing the world-class raw materials and sophisticated technology tools. Another benefit of hand powered tricycle is the upper body strengthening obtained from riding it regularly. Physically challenged athletes and tri-athletes use Handicapped Child Tricycle for upper body strengthening and toning when preparing for athletic events or to simply get in shape and stay in shape.

Handicapped Child Tricycle
Handicapped Child Tricycle
Net Price:Rs7448

  • For children with low tone, spina bifida, lower extremity paralysis, or cerebral palsy.
  • Durable Steel Frame.
  • Children propel the trikes with arm and/or leg power.
  • Fully enclosed chain drive. 
  • Durable, low-maintenance, triple chromeplated, carbon steel frame is long-lasting
  • Ergonomic handles for caregiver remove for easy transport.
  • Adjustable front riggings provide ideal positioning for pediatric clients.
  • Urethane rear tires mounted on “no flex” wheels.
  • Virtually no-maintenance, dual-sealed precision bearings.
  • Dual-axle positions allow for quick and simple seat-to-floor height adjustments of 15", 16" and 17"
  • Seat width and depth options provide proper positioning.
  • Flip-Back Armrests.
  • Swingaway Footrests.
  • Push-to-wheel locks comes standard.

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