Saturday, 4 April 2015

Handicapped and Disabled People Use Basic Wheelchair

Basic Manual Wheelchair  are the type that require people to move them, there are three types of manual wheelchairs namely self-propelled, attendant propelled, and wheelbase. Many manual chairs can be folded wheelchairs for storage or movement into a vehicle.A single-arm drive enables the user to turn either left or right while the two-armed drive enables user to move forward or backward on a straight line.

Basic Manual Wheelchair incorporates a seat and back, two small front (casters) wheels and two large wheels, one on each side, and a foot rest. Main disadvantages of using manual wheelchairs has to do with the upper body. Yes, the exercise is good for those who push themselves, however, over time this same motion can lead to injury; something that wheelchair users try to avoid whenever possible. Other disadvantages of a manual is having to inflate the tires and keeping the body of the chair in line. Many factors must be considered before a person can choose between a manual or a power chair. 

Basic Manual Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs6743
Basic Manual Wheelchair  with a cross brace folding aluminium frame. It is self propelled using a rear wheel drive action and is suitable for adults. The wheelchair is available in five seat widths and has multi axle positions with optional amputee setting. The backrest angle can be adjusted to recline to 90 degrees.Basic Manual Wheelchair  can be very basic or can be designed with highly advanced, specialized features. Manual wheelchairs are divided into four basic categories; folding, rigid, positioning and sports wheelchairs.
  • offer a high level of adjustability, and can accept all types of seating systems, footrests and arms
  • designed for portability and are effective for travel and storage
  • choice of either steel or aluminum construction
  • footrests are removable, as well as arms and wheels on some models
  • a great choice for the more dependent user who does not need maximum efficiency in propulsion
  • they are generally heavier than rigid chairs due to folding cross-braces
Wheelchair With Mag Wheels  is made for long distance travelling. Its solid wheels lets it travel on roads as well as on plain surfaces.Wheelchairs are patient transportation vehicles and come with many features. Traditional fixed wheelchairs made of iron or other unfinished metals used to be inconvenient and inflexible.
Wheelchair With Mag Wheels
Net Price:Rs4994
  • It is important to be independent.
  • A good wheel chair does just that, for those that cannot move around as easily as others.
  • That includes stroke patients, old age patients, handicapped or disabled people and others that might have suffered from a lower limb injury.
  • The black magic wheel chair has a complete black powder coated frame and is completely fixed with no detachable parts.
  • It is possible to however to fold this wheel chair.
  • Other features include breaks on both sides, a safety belt, padded seats, lifter rod on both sides, 12 sealed bearings, & detachable leg rests.
  • The heavy gauge of steel used ensures it is good for Indian road conditions.
  • Its fibre moulded small wheels, and leg rest paddle make it an even more promising choice.

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