Saturday, 18 April 2015

Heavy Duty Wheelchair For Disabled People

This wheelchair of choice for those who desire an extra wide, heavy-duty chair. Bariatric equipment is designed to be used in the care of large and heavy individuals. With childhood obesity levels also rising, the needs of heavier patients and those caring for them, have to be addressed. Wheelchairs that have been constructed for use by the heaviest individuals have built-in strengthening and bracing of the frame, to reduce the possibility of it twisting or buckling in use.

The Wheelchair Bariatric are available in 20 and 22 inch widths with a red or blue frame. It comes with dual, reinforced steel cross braces for heavy duty support. The seat upholstery is reinforced for long life and comes with a back carry pouch for small items.The 12″ rear wheels are flat free, and the desk length arms are removable and reversible.

Karma 8520 Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs23582

Features Bariatric Chairs:
  • Dual, reinforced steel cross braces.
  • Supports individuals.
  • Reinforced steel frame provides added support.
  • Heavy duty, nylon reinforced upholstery with a back carry pouch.
  • Removable, reversible desk length arms.
  • Adjustable leg support.
  • 12″ flat free rear wheels.
Using a Karma KM-8020:

Karma 8020 X Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs32242

wheelchairs require more strength to push by the caregiver and by the user, if the chair is self-propelled. In some cases, it may be wise for the caregiver to ask for assistance from another person in order to push the wheelchair safely. Because heavy duty wheelchairs are wider than standard wheelchairs, they require wider doorways and a larger turning radius. They are also heavier to lift into a vehicle and harder to push uphill.

Features Karma KM-8020:
  • Can be used as standard self propelled wheelchair or a transport chair all in one.
  • Quick release 24″ wheels can be removed to transition self propelled chair to a transport chair.
  • All aluminum frame.
  • Comes with two sets of aluminum wheel locks: one for use with wheelchair, one for use with transport chair.
  • Fold down back with deluxe back release.
  • Comes standard with swingaway footrests with composite footplates and heel loops.

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