Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lightweight and Foldable Wheelchair

Folding wheelchair is designed to easily fold and store in cars, airplanes and other confined spaces that a regular size chair won’t fit. These are perfect for those who travel frequently and have become accustomed to storing their chairs in smaller spaces. Folding wheelchair are fabricated using qualitative raw material like MS steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and aluminum. Disabled Folding Wheelchair are specially designed for handicapped, aged patients,disabled people and for other requirements of individuals. Our range of wheelchairs are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. We also customize these wheelchairs as per the specifications laid down by our clients.
Disabled Folding Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5684

  • To ensure the healthy, independent and joy life in our homes and communities, we specialize in supplying home healthcare medical equipments under our brand CARE. 
  • Our products largely focus on the home care field, helping the elderly or disabled retain their independence and dignity in the daily life.  Our human body are three-dimensional structure, normally it requires frequent move of buttocks to regulate blood circulation after a long sitting time, which is inconvenient for people in wheelchairs, without careful nursing, they are easily to be injured.
Standard Wheelchair Cost
Net Price:Rs5292
Standard wheelchair are propelled by the person in the wheelchair.Standard Wheelchair are characterized by having 2 small wheels in the front of the chair and 2 larger size wheel in the rear.

Aluminium - light and not too expensive.

Folding Frame -Folding frame has a cross-brace mechanism underneath the seat canvas which enables the wheelchair to be folded flat for easier storage and transportation. Less suitable for very active users as the flexibility of the frame demands that they use more energy.

Compact Folding Frame - folds up to a smaller size than the average folding frames so can be stored in small places.

Rigid Frame - Rigid Frame tends to be lighter and stronger than a folding frame but not so easy to transport. Most appropriate for active user and outdoor use as energy is not lost through movement of the frame.

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