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Manual Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Hard Cushions

Manual wheelchairs are easy to transport, need fewer repairs, and provide a form of exercise. However, they are not for everyone; you need to have the ability to propel. Most people with an injury level below C6 can propel a manual chair and some individuals with a C6 level can as well; this will be dependent on your weight, fitness, strength, level of pain, and the environment in which you need to push. While Manual Wheelchairs  propulsion can be a form of exercise, it can also lead to arm injuries from repetitive use. This risk makes it critical to get the right chair, to set it up correctly and to learn how to effectively propel.

Manual Wheelchairs
Net Price:Rs6664
Features and Components


Wheelchairs are generally classified by Medicare (which sets the industry standards) as lightweight (less than 34 lbs.) and ultralight (less than 3
0 lbs.). (These weights do not include footrests or armrests.)Lightweight chairs are often not adjustable and are not recommended for SCI. Ultralight chairs are more expensive than the lightweight chairs, are highly adjustable, and incorporate many design features that improve mobility and comfort


Frames may be folding or rigid. Rigid frames tend to perform better when maneuvering. Folding frames are often easier to transport, although many rigid chairs can get to a very small size by removing the wheels and folding down the backrest.

Manual Wheelchair Components

Footrests support your feet and lower legs. They can be fixed, folding or swing-away and come in many different styles.

Armrests are places to rest your arms when you’re not moving. They can be wraparound, full-length or desk-length; fixed or height-adjustable; removable or flip-back. Fit is important because armrest position can alter the way you propel your wheelchair.

Backrest Sling backrests are the most common, but provide little postural support. Adjustable tension backrests can provide more support and can be adjusted over time. Rigid backrests provide the best support, but may make it more difficult to collapse the chair. The weight and height of the backrest are important. In general, the lighter the better, with carbon fiber backrests being a nice option. If support is not needed, a lower backrest is better as it does not get in the way of pushing.

Wheelchair Hard Cushions
Wheelchair Hard Cushions
Net Price:Rs6978
Wheelchair Hard Cushions can make all the difference in comfort, health and proper positioning. Specifically designed to redistribute pressure caused by constant sitting, wheelchair Hard cushions are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and construction to accommodate every unique user's special requirements. They reduce the risk of issue breakdown caused by constant pressure, helping to prevent or relieve pressure ulcers and bedsores, while they also absorb shocks and provide stability, comfort and posture control. It has the finest quality of the upholstery which is very comforting for old aged and people with knee and other ailments.

Foam Wheelchair Cushions - Foam is light and varies widely in stiffness and density. Proper stiffness, density and resilience help ensure adequate support and an effective lifespan.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions -Gel wheelchair cushions are heavier than foams and, therefore, are often used in combination with foams. These materials are good at minimizing heat and are typically encased by a protective cover so are easily cleaned. Because of their incompressible nature, viscous fluid and gel wheelchair cushions often use a contoured non-deforming foam base or a flat, compressible foam base to better enable the cushion to conform around the body.

Air Wheelchair Cushions - Air is highly compressible and would make an excellent support surface, except for its requirement of an impermeable membrane.Because air wheelchair cushions are adjustable, they can be inflated to meet the needs of the user, but this adjustability also means that they must be maintained properly. An improperly inflated air cushion can be either too hard or too soft, and both are potentially damaging situations.

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