Friday, 17 April 2015

Special Needs Tricycle For Children and Adults

The Tricycle Manufacturers are individually
designed to meet the needs of each
Handicapped Child Tricycle
Net Price:Rs7448
disabled child and help provide physiotherapy, build muscle tone and promote play. Italso help benefit growth and development in children with disabilities, enabling them to keep active and retain their independence. Disabled children get huge physical and emotional benefits from having the specially tricycles, which are each custom made to suit the individual child's needs. Riding a tricycle provides both fun and fitness, and is a therapeutic activity that allows children to exercise their lower extremities. As the muscles move through cycling motions, they are flexed, extended and stretched. This range of motion is crucial for children with disabilities, because muscles are incapable of keeping up with bone growth unless fully extended.

Tricycles are provided to severely disabled children and adults and come in two sizes, 20 inch and 24
inch models. These trikes are grant funded and to qualify for one of these, an individual must suffer from a condition such as, but not limited to, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury or Autism.

Tricycle For Disabled Children trunk support system is ideal for riders who have trouble remaining upright while seated. An optional headrest is available. A headrest can be purchased with either a flat or contoured headpiece, and adjusts both horizontally and vertically for optimum positioning. The Front Pulley System maintains a level pedal position for children whose extreme tone forces the front of the pedal downward. Turn the oval knob to raise and lower the handlebar. A handbrake for the conventional handlebar will arrive installed on Large tricycle. Open access combined with a low transfer step makes it easy to get on and off trikes.

Tricycle Deluxe Double Hand Drive
Net Price:Rs7350
Tricycle Deluxe Double Hand Drive:

  • Frame : Made by E.R.W. Tubes 38.0 mm-16 G. 25.4 mm & 22.22 mm- 18 G.
  • Seat & Back : M S, C.R.C. Sheet. Seat Size 18"x 16"
  • Wheel Size : Wheel Diameter 24"x 1 1/2" Tyre and Tube Standard Company.
  • Parts : Standard Quality.
  • Color : Black Painted.
  • Brake : Front Wheel liver System
  • Drive : Rear Wheel Right Side.
  • Support such as extra wheels, trunk, head and neck supports. 
  • Adjustable seats and height adjustable backrests to allow for growth. 
  • Hand loops, foot straps, stabilisers, control poles and steering restrictors to provide security and assist with control. 
  • Power assistance to help with reduced power or function in the arms or legs. 
  • Passenger cycles and trailers for children unable to propel a cycle.

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