Monday, 6 April 2015

Standard Lightweight Manual Folding Wheelchair

Standard  Lightweight Manual Folding Wheelchair is most popular type of wheelchair. Easy to use. Folds compactly to put in car trunk/boot and can be taken on public transport. A comfortable cushion is supplied with this wheelchair.

Standard Lightweight Wheelchair is a very commonly prescribed, lightweight alloy wheelchair has numerous options, accessories and setting possibilities - making life easier for the user and the caregiver - and suiting the individual needs of each user.Designed, built and sold with the people using it in mind, we integrate our wheelchair designs around family members, caregivers and suppliers, who have just as much concern over the quality, dependability and operation of the product as you do.It comes as a transit or as a self-propelling wheelchair.

Standard Lightweight Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5292
  • Height-adjustable backrest
  • Pelvic positioning belt - designed to keep user well positioned in the wheelchair
  • Quick release, removable rear wheels on self propelling model for enhanced outdoor capabilities
  • Flip-back, height-adjustable armrests with desk or full-length armrests
  • High mounted, push to lock brakes
  • 70-degree legrests, with calf strap
  • Reinforced cross bracing - strong but easily folded
  • Multiple-position rear wheel and castor mounts to optimise centre of gravity and seat-to-floor height adjustments, as well as amputee setting
  • Pump and tool kit for ongoing standard maintenance
  • 24" pneumatic rear wheel on self propelling model
  • 12.5" pneumatic rear wheel on transit model
Folding Wheelchairs help travel patients from one location to another. Also, they are collapsible and can be taken along in cars, trains or air planes.
Folding Wheelchair Cost
Net Price:Rs5684
  • Chromed Steel Frame
  • Fixed Armrest
  • Fixed Footrest
  • Solid  Castor
  • Solid Rear Wheel

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