Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tricycles For Handicapped Adults And kids

Tricycles are provided to severely disabled children and adults and come in two sizes, 20 inch and 24 inch models. These tricycles are grant funded and to qualify for one of these, an individual must suffer from a condition such as, but not limited to, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury or Autism. Tricycle for disabled children that allows them to maximize their independence while using restricted physical movements. Tricycles have many advantages over regular bikes: it can stay on the seat when it stop, it can haul massive loads with big trailers much easier, older or nervous riders don't have to worry about tipping over, and riders with only one arm or one hand have a much easier time. Disabled Tricycles Adults are usually better than bikes for hauling large loads with a trailer. Many Tricycles even have a cargo box built. These tricyclesmachines increase strength and endurance, spatial orientation, motor planning, reciprocating motor patterns and range of motion.

Tricycle Regular Single Hand Drive
Tricycle Regular Single Hand Drive
Net Price:Rs6566

Tricycle Regular Single Hand Drive:

  • Frame: Made by E.R.W. Tubes 38.0 mm-16 G. 25.4 mm & 22.22 mm- 18 G.
  • Seat & Back: M S, C.R.C. Sheet. Seat Size 18"x 16"
  • Wheel Size: Wheel Diameter 24"x 1 1/2" Tyre and Tube Standard Company.
  • Parts: Standard Quality.
  • Color: Black Painted.
  • Brake: Front Wheel liver System.
  • Drive: Rear Wheel Right Side.

Children propel the tricycles with arm and/or leg power. Fully enclosed chain drive turns pedals in ipsilateral synchrony or can be adjusted for contralateral pattern. Available in Regular size, Large size and All Terrain models. The Regular and Large size models feature three options for the turning radius: straight ahead, limited (20°) and unlimited. Designed for children with greater muscle control and trunk strength, the All Terrain model places no limits on turning. All models feature a rugged hand crank and enclosed chain drive, torso and lap safety belts, plastic footrests with Velcro straps for feet, vertically adjustable backrest, and horizontally and vertically adjustable seat. The Regular and Large models feature spokeless wheels and solid rubber tires while the All
Tricycle For Disabled Kids Terrain model has an oversized pneumatic front tire and rear tires.

Handicapped Child Tricycle
Handicapped Child Tricycle
Net Price:Rs7448

  • For children with low tone, spina bifida, lower extremity paralysis, or cerebral palsy.
  • Durable Steel Frame.
  • Children propel the trikes with arm and/or leg power.
  • Fully enclosed chain drive.

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