Friday, 23 September 2016

Comfortable Portable Wheelchairs for Travelers

Manish Steel Works Established in the year 1982 by Mr. Kishore Kumar Batra, We are unique well renowned largest Tricycle, Wheelchair, Wheelchairs, Handicapped Products Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have a large selection of product in India to help our customers live a pleasurable, efficient lifestyle both inside and outside of their home.

Every vacation is an opportunity to experience the adventure of a lifetime. And with the right travel wheelchair, nothing will stand in your way. A portable wheelchair gives you the freedom to travel anywhere and everywhere with ease. Whether you’re on a family road trip, a dream vacation to Disneyland, or a Caribbean cruise, a travel wheelchair can make all the difference.

No matter where you’re going, you’ll want to make sure your travel wheelchair is:

Portable Travel Wheelchair
Portable travel wheelchairs, utilizing small caster wheel and lightweight materials, Like our transport chairs, travel chairs are geared towards storability and portability.

Portable Travel Wheelchair Features
Portable chair with excellent carry bag for holidays.
Lightweight aluminium frame.
Padded fabric seat and back for better ventilation.
Flip-up armrest, drop-back handle with brakes.
Grey solid 12” PU rear.
MAG wheel and solid 5” castor.

Exercise balls are a useful workout tool for core strengthening and to assist with balance exercises, such as pelvic thrusts. The ball can be difficult for beginners because it creates an unstable surface and forces you to use your muscles differently to maintain your balance. The best way to use an exercise ball as a beginner is to practice simple exercises.

Tynor Exercising Ball
Exercising ball is an excellent physiotherapy device to provide a pleasurable exercise plan for the hand, wrist, forearm and the fingers
Tynor Orthotics Private Limited
Tynor Orthotics Private Limited
  •                         Our Price:Rs 63
Safe and inert.
High patient compliance.
Excellent resilience for a long functional life .
Compatible in thermal/hydrotherapy.

Tynor Exercising Ball Features
Ergonomic design and materials
Two resistances available- Ortho (hard) & Neuro (soft)
Compatible for thermal/hydrotherapy
Flexible and pleasurable exercise schedules can be planned
Better compliance
Inert PU material, safe to use
Excellent resilience, offers longer life.

Tynor Exercising Ball Measurements
Sizes Available: OR / NR

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