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Karma Healthcare Automatic BP Monitor Online at Low Prices in India

If you do decide to measure your blood pressure at home, you will need to get a home blood pressure monitor. There is a wide range of home blood pressure monitors available, but it is important to be sure that the blood pressure monitor you choose is accurate and the right one for you.

Choose a digital monitor to suit your budget
Blood pressure monitors can vary in price. This usually depends on the number of extra features that the digital monitor has, like a built-in memory for example.

All you need to measure your blood pressure correctly is a clinically validated monitor, and a pen and paper to record your readings. Extra features can be helpful but they are not necessary. Choose a home blood pressure monitor that you can afford.

Make sure your monitor is accurate :
Make sure that the home blood pressure monitor you choose has been listed as 'clinically validated' for accuracy by the Indian Hypertension Society. This means that the digital monitor has gone through a series of tests to make sure it gives results that you and your doctor can trust.

Make sure you have the right cuff size :
An upper-arm blood pressure monitor will come with a cuff that you need to wrap around your arm. If you use a cuff that is the wrong size for you, your blood pressure reading will not be correct. Measure around your upper arm at the midpoint between your shoulder and elbow, and choose your cuff size from the chart below.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor cuff sizes :
     Measurement (cm)    Measurement (inches) Cuff size

  • 18-22 cm            7.1-8.7”         Small
  • 22-32 cm            8.8-12.8”         Medium
  • 32-45 cm            12.8-18”         Large

Most home blood pressure monitors will come with a medium-sized cuff. You may have to order a different-sized cuff separately.

Buy BP Machines Online at Best Prices
Karma Healthcare Blood Pressure Machine Detects 4 types of IHBs in 1 click
Karma Healthcare India
Karma Healthcare
Our Price @ Rs 1500 
( Use Coupon Code 'MSW2365' )
Irregular Heartbeat
Premature Atrial Contractions
Premature Ventricular Contractions
Sinus Arrhythmia
Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAD)
Oscillometric Measuring Method
Measures Pulse Rate
30 Reading-Memory
Power Adapter Port
BHS A/A Protocol Compliant
12 Months Guarantee

Blood Pressure Machine Features
  • 12Months guarantee 
  • 30 Memory
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Clinically tested BHS A/A-BHS Protocol
  • Pulse Arrhythmia Detection
  • 4 Types of IHBs detection in 1 click
  • Wide range cuff 22-42cm
  • Warranty : 1 year 
  • Feature: Wide range cuff 22-42cm 
  • Type : Upper Arm BPMSUPC

Buy BP Monitor Online at Best Prices

Karma Healthcare
Karma Healthcare India
Our Price @ Rs. 5500 
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Karma Automatic BP Monitor World's only BP Monitor with patented AFIB technology that detects Atrial Fibrillation. Advance and Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor with BHS A/A Protocol Compliant and Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients with MAM Technology (3-Reading Average Mode for Reliable Results)

Karma Healthcare Automatic BP Monitor Detects BP Monitor for Stroke Prevention.
Most GPs and Specialists were restricted to checking pulse palpation and ECG for detection of Atrial Fibrillation. Wrist palpation while commonly performed, has low reliability
New BP Monitor technology patented by Microlife allows for simultaneous measuring of blood pressure and detection of Atrial Fibrillation with high sensitivity (97-100%) and specificity (89%)
The BP Monitor technology uses an algorithm that calculates the irregularity index based on interval times between heartbeats
The BP Monitor technology achieved significant clinical validation results thanks to its high accuracy obtained through 3 consecutive measurements (MAM technology)

Karma Automatic BP Monitor Features
  • BHS A/A Protocol Compliant
  • Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients
  • MAM Technology (3-Reading Average Mode for Reliable Results)
  • Measure Pulse Rate
  • 200 Reading-Memory with Time and Date
  • Accurate Calibration
  • Large Display
  • Rechargeable Battery-friendly
  • Low-battery indication
  • Power Adapter included
  • Universal Cuff 22-42cm
  • 3 Years Guarantee

BP Monitor Measurements
  • Karma Automatic Type : Upper Arm BPM

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