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Easy Adjustable Tripod Walking Stick, Aluminum Crutch Walk Helper

A sturdy wooden or metal shaft or walking stick used to give support and mobility during walking to a person with impaired mobility. A cane should be of an appropriate length to allow a person with an injured leg to walk with it held on the side of the noninjured leg. In walking, the person may rest his or her weight on the cane and the injured leg while moving the unaffected leg forward. To take the next step, the weight is placed on the sound leg while the injured leg and cane are moved forward. The cane should allow 25 degrees of elbow flexion.
Tripod Walking Stick
Our Price : Rs 740

Tripod Walking Stick Probably used first as a weapon, it gradually took on the symbolism of strength and power and eventually authority and social prestige. Ancient Egyptian rulers carried the symbolic staff, and in ancient Greece, some gods were represented with a staff in hand. In the Middle Ages, the long staff or walking stick was carried by pilgrims and shepherds.

Tripod Walking Stick are generally held in the hand that is opposite to the side of the injury or weakness. It allows the cane to be used for stability in a way that lets the user focus much of their weight away from their weaker side and onto the cane. This prevents the person's center of balance from swaying from side to side as they walk. It also allows for fluid movement that better matches walking, as the hand on the opposite side of the leg generally sways forward in normal human locomotion . Personal preference, or a need to hold the cane in the dominant hand means some cane users choose to hold the cane on the same side as the affected leg.

The Aluminum Crutches are made from solid, one-piece, anodized aluminum for a lightweight feel, and high-impact plastic armrests and handgrips for added durability. Fully assembled with cushions and handgrips for additional comfort. 
Our Price : Rs 1500

Product Summary

  • Lighter than wood, the standard aluminum crutch provides stability and durability
  • Double extruded center tube provides additional strength to weight-bearing area
  • Pushpin adjustment makes it easy-to-adjust crutch height in 1" increments
  • Non-skid, jumbo-size vinyl contoured tips provide excellent traction
  • Easy wing nut adjustments for hand grips
  • Comfortable, durable accessories are latex free
  • Weight Capacity 350 lbs on aluminum crutch (excluding pediatric)

A crutch, often used in pairs, transfers weight from the legs to the upper body of the user. Crutches are most often used for patients who cannot support their weight with their legs, for reasons ranging from short-term injuries to lifelong disabilities. If you’re in need of walking assistance, you’ll find affordable products below that will get you back on your feet. We carry the best crutches from the top brands (Medline, Drive, Invacare, etc.) Whether you need bariatric, lightweight, forearm, specialty, standard, or ergonomic crutches, we've got you covered.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Hi-Lipo Cavi is the fast and non-surgical type of lipo-suction that is becoming very popular today. This Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine uses 40KHz frequency sound waves that depletes stubborn fat cells under the skin.

HiLipo Cavi Ideal for :

  • Noteworthy Creation for complete slimming.
  • Fat and Circumference Reduction.
  • Special waveforms are used for deep and precise penetration to break adipose tissues.
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation, New aesthetic treatment, is a no surgery and no anesthesia method of liposuction.
  • Ultrasound Cavitation is responsible for vapor cavities in a liquid.
  • Cavitation is non-invasive, non-surgical and painless treatment.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine
Net Price : Rs 70854
Cavitation Slimming Machine
Net Price : Rs 70854

HI-LIPO Cavi J-8040 Technical Specifications:
  • Main power supply - 230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%- 115 Vac, 50-60 Hz*, ±10%
  • Output - 1 (Ultrasound Cavitation)
  • Modes - Continuous and Pulse
  • Frequency - 40 KHz
  • Power Output - 50 watts
  • Timer - 30, 45 & Continuous

HI-LIPO Cavi J-8040 Special Features:
  • Fast and Non-surgical type of liposuction.
  • Beautifies body in a medical way.
  • Completely painless treatment.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Fat and Circumference Reduction.
  • Improves Skin’s texture.
  • Targets localized fat tissues that are resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Non-surgical with no side-effects.
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty.
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Friday, 3 March 2017

The Most Reliable Ultra-Lightweight Karma KM 2500 Small Wheelchair

Karma Healthcare KM-2500 Premium Wheelchair is amazingly light and compact transit wheelchair which is ideal for outings and travelers. It folds down to take up virtually no space in the boot of a car and weighs just over 9 kg making it easy for anyone to lift into a vehicle. Disabled people not only have these challenges to face, but a number of other concerns. Disabled people who are blind, deaf and are wheelchair bound face additional challenges.
Karma KM 2500 Small Wheel Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 13500

KM 2500 Wheelchair are essential for ensuring a user‘s ability to use their wheelchair in the most functional, efficient, and healthy way possible. For individuals who have utilized an KM 2500 Wheelchair for a number of years, it is common for them to know exactly how their should be set-up from the precise seat to floor height measurement and vertical position of the rear wheel.

KM 2500 Wheelchair feature four smaller wheels, rather than the large rear-mounted wheels that characterize standard wheelchairs, and their design ensures that they’re always foldable and convenient to carry.

The key concept of KM-2500 series is to make it as light and compact as possible. AEGIS Microbe Shield Approved by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc., bonded anti-microbial barrier upholstery protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. It is a shield for your health. Karma KM 2500 L Big Wheel Wheelchair

The use of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and double cross brace provide this model with outstanding strength and durability.
Karma Healthcare KM-2500 L Premium Wheelchair is amazingly light and compact transit wheelchair which is ideal for outings and travelers. It folds down to take up virtually no space in the boot of a car and weighs just over 11 kg making it easy for anyone to lift into a vehicle.

Karma KM-2500 L Premium Wheelchair is amazingly light and compact transit wheelchair which is ideal for outings and travelers. It folds down to take up virtually no space in the boot of a car and weighs just over 9kg making it easy for anyone to lift into a vehicle.
Karma KM 2500 L Big Wheel Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 14900

  • Backrest folds-down for easy transportation
  • Maximum user weight: 100Kg
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fixed armrest/fixed footrest
  • Foldable frame via double cross bars
  • Comfortable & durable upholstery
  • Swing-away footplates.
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Attendant cable brake
  • 14" flat-free rear wheels
  • Detachable and washable cushion
  • One Year Warranty

The key concept of KM-2500 series is to make it as light and compact as possible. Karma engineers believe that every 1kg reduction on wheelchair can bring significant benefits to attendants. KM-2500 series finds the right balance between light weight and firm structure for safety.

Karma Power wheelchair for disabled persons

Karma KP 80 latest power standing wheelchair is now available in India. Power Standing wheelchair - Increase your freedom Stand up again improve your independence and be find of your body. KP-80 Standing Wheelchair is a compact and fully powered wheelchair designed for your budget Price. The front-wheel drive provides agile control for the chair to negotiate various indoors and out. It comes with the innovative S-Ergo seat and wide range of power backrest angle adjustment (80-120 degree)

Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair

Net Price : Rs 302820
Karma latest power standing wheelchair is now available in India. Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair - Increase your freedom Stand up again improve your independence and be find of your body

Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair FEATURES:
  • Power standing
  • Swing-away controller
  • Power Recline function
  • Front wheel drive
  • Flip-back Ergonomic arm pad
  • Knee support
  • Multiple adjustments - seat depth, footplate height, armrest height
  • Parking Brake
  • 50AH Battery
To solve the difficulty of bringing a power wheelchair in your vehicle, Karma revolutionized the design of KP-10.2 so the chair can be easily disassembled into three pieces without using any tools. Coupled with ultra lightweight aluminum alloy, the Karma KP 10.3 Power Wheelchair becomes very portable. In addition, riding comfort is greatly enhanced with the standard high-end seating. Outings with a power chair now can be fun and enjoyable.
Karma KP 10.3  Power Wheelchair

Net Price : Rs 85015

Karma KP 10.3  Power Wheelchair:
  • Ergonomic seat system provides comfortable seating
  • Tool-free disassembled into 3 parts for traveling and transportation
  • Quick-release battery pack
  • Washable upholstery
  • Height adjustable and flip back armrest
  • 2-level adjustable back angle

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The Commode Wheelchair for Portable Accessibility Solutions

Life with a disability often brings a host of general health concerns and, in this section of the AMS Vans Wheelchair and Disabilities blog, we examine those concerns and potential remedies. Some information is disability-specific, and other articles offer useful tips and ideas to safeguard the health of people with disabilities in general. Discover new treatment methods and experimental medicines that offer promising results. The Health section presents a platform for open discussion about all health-related issues.
It is precisely from this view, that Karma Rainbow 2 is launching the Wheelable, a unique commode and shower chair which will enable any handicapped person to use a regular toilet stall. 

For many handicapped people, it is especially the simple and most personal things that become the most complicated ones and those that create physical and emotional distress. Yes, the ability to use the toilet in every place, at any time and without limitations, is not yet to be taken for granted.
Karma Rainbow 2 Commode Stool
Our Price : Rs 2652

Removable Commode Bucket Wheelchair Features
  • Removable commode bucket.
  • Drop back handle.
  • Chrome plated steel frame.
  • Removable commode bucket for easy cleaning.
  • Cushion seat when used as wheelchair.
  • Foldable drop back handle for quite compact action.
  • Folding action.
  • Both side brakes provided.
  • Safety belt provided.
  • Maintenance free solid rear wheels.

Now, handicapped people may enjoy the freedom of movement and ability to travel abroad, to visit distant family members, to sleep outside of their homes and to be independent and worry- free about accessibility issues. In short, the Karma Rainbow 7 allows you to be just as you once were or as you would like to be.

karma rainbow wheelchair specifically designed to be comfort, useful and easy to use:
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7
Our Price : Rs 6500

The advantages of the commode chair are, among others, that its frame folds easily, the wheel system is built to allow easy maneuvering in close spaces, it is water-resistant, lightweight, it is suitable for self propulsion, has wheel lock using a safety latch, and many more. The Wheelable wheelchair folds up to a size that can easily be placed in the trunk of a car and on a plane.

The process of development of the wheelchair was based on research in production including dozens of handicapped people in order to produce the perfectly detailed solution for the entire community of handicapped individuals. During production,   associated with the Zariha Group whose expertise is in producing plastic injections. This combination led to the development of the breakthrough commode and shower chair.

Toilet Commode Chair‎ on wheels

Reclining commode wheelchair is one of the multipurpose chairs which boast of features like reclining, inbuilt commode, customized armrest and footrest and foldable nature of the chair.

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reclining commode wheelchair Features:

  • The wheelchair can be folded within very easily within seconds, making it easier during travels and outings.
  • The backrest of the chair can be easily reclined, giving the user the freedom to relax by not moving up from the chair.
  • The footrest can be inclined and adjusted so as to make the user comfortable during reclining or otherwise.
  • A well paded thigh support is an add-on to the footrest.
  • The front and rear wheels of the chair are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the reclining of the user, making it a very safe and friendly wheelchair.
  • The inbuilt commode has its seat just underneath the main seat of the chair; it can be used by just removing the main seat.
  • The Wheelchair can also be folded from between by just removing the commode and the chair's seat.
  • This Wheelchair's functionality gives the user total freedom.
  • Reclining Commode Wheelchair

    Net Price : Rs 8918
  • Easy to fold and unfold within seconds.

Reclining Commode Wheelchair Measurements:
  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Frame Material : MS Chrome Plated
  • open position wheel to wheel width in : 26” (inches)
  • Seat Width : 18” (inches)
  • Total width in closing position : 11” (inches)
  • Rear Wheel Size : 24” (inches)
  • Front Wheel Size : 8” (inches)
  • Seat to Floor Height in : 21” (inches)
  • Seat Depth : 18” (inches)
  • Total Height : 50” (inches)
  • Max User Weight Capacity (kgs) : 110
  • Net Weight (kgs) : 23
  • Upholstery : Rexine
Rolling Shower Commode Chair
Net Price : Rs 6664

Rolling Shower Commode Chair in Chromed steel frame, Flip-up long padded armrest. Its 5” front and rear castor with locking system, Swing-away and detachable footrest and backrest easily removable.

Rolling Shower Commode Chair Features:
  • Chromed steel frame
  • Flip-up long padded armrest
  • 5” front and rear castor with locking system
  • Swing-away and detachable footrest
  • Backrest easily removable without tools.
If you need aid those particular case for the handicap alternately those parental figure from claiming somebody who need set mobility, shower chest chairs profit Everybody worried. It might bring back those basic delight of a shower that the vast majority individuals underestimate. But, it additionally gives those security Also help necessary with forestall damage and settle on transferring safer. 

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Karma Ergo Wheelchairs Suitable and Comfort for Elderly

The S-Ergo 305 is equipped with Karma’s S-Ergo seating system, which promotes pressure redistribution and helps to prevent the occupant sliding down the seat. Ergonomic wheelchairs have been tested and proven to be effective for relieving pressure throughout the body; this is confirmed by pressure chart mapping. Feeling comfortable on a wheelchair is something every user demands out of their new wheelchair, the ergonomic cushion that is included with the ergonomic series provides a level of comfort that is unparalleled.
Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 26900

The Ergo 305 Wheelchair seat has been pressure mapped for the optimum shape. In addition to the seating system the wheelchair benefits from detachable anti-bacterial upholstery treated with Aegis microbe shield. Inca also has patented swing away detachable footrest hangers and flip back height adjustable armrests. Mud guards provide protection for clothes in wet weather and are easily adjustable if the rear wheel position is changed.

You don’t inspect quality into a product. You have to build it in.

  • Karma quality system is rooted in the notion of Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • Grounded on TQM, we build IQC, IPQC, FQC, and QA systems in the manufacturing process.
  • For assessment and testing, Karma built the most comprehensive CE testing system in the Asian wheelchair industry, including statistic stability test, impact test, two-drum test, drop test, resistance to upward forces test, resistance to downward forces test, salt spray test, etc.
  • Accruing from 20 years of manufacturing experience, Karma developed two unique internal standards for “S-curve road tests” and “Rigorous road tests” to augment the Durability Assessment.

A lightweight, folding, attendant propelled transit style wheelchair. The seat frame is contoured for comfort. The top half of the backrest folds for transport, the legrests and armrests are fixed and it has attendant hand brakes. Available in two seat widths. Suitable for adults and older children.
Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 28000

The Karma Ergo Lite Wheelchair are those that require human power to move them. Many manual wheelchairs can be folded for storage or placement into a vehicle. The user moves the chair by pushing on the hand rims, which are made of circular tubing attached to the outside of the large wheels. Health Vistas offer wheelchairs of brands namely Smart care, Scure, Karma Healthcare etc. that comes with backrests and foot rests.

S-Ergo Lite Transport Wheelchair weighs only 18 lbs. and features an ergonomically-designed seat and backrest, making it the most comfortable transport chairs on the market. The folding seat and backrest make the S-Ergo ideal for storage or tavel, and the built in AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion provides added comfort and support.

An Elderly Gentleman With A Walking Stic

Lightweight and comfortable hand grip with metal base. Provides firm and sturdy support. Easy lock pin height adjustable. Helps those with poor balance. Light weight with excellent stability. Attractive finish resist marring and scratching. Push button adjustment mechanism with locking ring.

Quad Walking Cane

Net Price : Rs 775
Quad canes by Hugo Mobility come with a large or small base to provide ultra-stabilizing support in a lightweight aluminum Quad Walking Cane that stands by itself. Adjustable height and base for right-handed or left-handed users.

Quad Walking Cane Features:
  • Height Adjustable
  • Moulded Handle
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Durable and stable design
  • Lightweight Steel Body
  • Adjustable Height ( 65 cm - 88 cm).
An tough wooden or metal shaft alternately strolling stick used to provide for help Furthermore portability Throughout strolling to an individual with impeded versatility. A stick ought further bolstering make about a proper length will permit an individual for a harmed leg will stroll with it held as an afterthought of the noninjured leg. Clinched alongside walking, the man might r as much or her weight on the stick and the harmed leg same time moving those unaesthetic leg forward. Should take the following step, those weight is set on the callous leg same time the harmed leg Furthermore stick would moved ahead. Those stick if permit 25 degrees about elbow flexion. 
Tripod Walking Stick

Net Price : Rs 726

Tripod Walking Stick With those tripod legs standing out of the lowest part quarter of the pole, it makes to rather a bizarre sight, Yet we found it should make that's only the tip of the iceberg stable over it takes a gander.

Tripod Walking Stick Features:
  • Aluminum tubing with steel welded low base
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Height adjustable: 71.5-94.3cm
  • Base size: 18-22cm
In the strolling adhere position, the tripod legs are bound together toward the build by a bit for Velcro, Also evacuating this strip discharges those legs which that point must be manually pulled under shape.