The Commode Wheelchair for Portable Accessibility Solutions

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It is precisely from this view, that Karma Rainbow 2 is launching the Wheelable, a unique commode and shower chair which will enable any handicapped person to use a regular toilet stall. 

For many handicapped people, it is especially the simple and most personal things that become the most complicated ones and those that create physical and emotional distress. Yes, the ability to use the toilet in every place, at any time and without limitations, is not yet to be taken for granted.
Karma Rainbow 2 Commode Stool
Our Price : Rs 2652

Removable Commode Bucket Wheelchair Features
  • Removable commode bucket.
  • Drop back handle.
  • Chrome plated steel frame.
  • Removable commode bucket for easy cleaning.
  • Cushion seat when used as wheelchair.
  • Foldable drop back handle for quite compact action.
  • Folding action.
  • Both side brakes provided.
  • Safety belt provided.
  • Maintenance free solid rear wheels.

Now, handicapped people may enjoy the freedom of movement and ability to travel abroad, to visit distant family members, to sleep outside of their homes and to be independent and worry- free about accessibility issues. In short, the Karma Rainbow 7 allows you to be just as you once were or as you would like to be.

karma rainbow wheelchair specifically designed to be comfort, useful and easy to use:
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7
Our Price : Rs 6500

The advantages of the commode chair are, among others, that its frame folds easily, the wheel system is built to allow easy maneuvering in close spaces, it is water-resistant, lightweight, it is suitable for self propulsion, has wheel lock using a safety latch, and many more. The Wheelable wheelchair folds up to a size that can easily be placed in the trunk of a car and on a plane.

The process of development of the wheelchair was based on research in production including dozens of handicapped people in order to produce the perfectly detailed solution for the entire community of handicapped individuals. During production,   associated with the Zariha Group whose expertise is in producing plastic injections. This combination led to the development of the breakthrough commode and shower chair.


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