Lowest Price with Free Shipping Bedside Commode for Handicapped and Elderly People

Toilet Chair for Elderly
Our Price: Rs 1200
A commode is any of several pieces of furniture. The word commode comes from the French word for "convenient" or "suitable", which in turn comes from the Latin adjective commodes, with similar meanings.

Commode chair a portable Toilet Chair for Elderly that can be placed at the bedside of a patient whose activity is limited; these are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated to reach the bathroom. The receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied.

In British English, "commode" is the standard term for a chair, often on wheels, enclosing a chamber pot—as used in hospitals and the homes of invalids. (The historical equivalent is the close stool, hence the coveted and prestigious position Groom of the Stool for a courtier close to the monarch.) This piece of furniture is termed in French a chaise percée ("pierced chair"); similar items were made specifically as movable bidets for washing. In some parts of the United States, a "commode" is a colloquial synonym for a flush toilet.

Commode Toilet Seat
Our Price: Rs 850
A commode chair, known in British English simply as a commode, is a type of chair used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to illness, injury or disability. A commode chair has sometimes wheeled to transport easily to the bathroom or shower. Most commode chairs have a removable pail and flip-back armrests.Historically, similar pieces of equipment were the close stool and the chamber pot.

A   stool was an early type of portable toilet, made in the shape of a cabinet or box at sitting height with an opening in the top. The external structure contained a pewter or earthenware chamber pot to receive the user's excrement and urine when he or she sat on it; this was normally covered by a folding lid. "Stool" has two relevant meanings: as a type of seat and as human feces. Commode Toilet Seat was used from the Middle Ages until the introduction of the indoor flush toilet.

Bedside Commode
A portable toilet that enables a patient to sit comfortably while defecating or urinating. For many patients using a bedside commode is less stressful than using a bedpan. Using a bedside commode also reduces the risk of the Valsalva maneuver, which is more likely to occur when using a bedpan.

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