Importance of an Ergonomic Wheelchair

Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair
RS: 24474
The last thing you should expect from your wheelchair is additional stress or strain on your body. That is unfortunately what could happen if you are in a wheelchair that isn’t correct ergonomically.

All too often in many public facilities, very little consideration is given to the quality of  Ergonomic Wheelchairs. So many people need them who are unable to walk for extended amounts of time or distance. When it comes to your wheelchair, comfort is a priority.

As a parent of a son who has been in a wheelchair most of his life, I know first hand the types of shortcomings that can be experienced in the more conventional wheelchair designs. Our initial experience was very disappointing, not only for me but for my son as well.

Karma S Ergo 125 Wheelchair
RS: 25494
I found I always had to hunch over to push his wheelchair and that was very uncomfortable. My son always felt the seat seemed to be so low. He always wished it was a bit higher so he could make better eye contact with people he was talking to. Getting him out of the chair was always a struggle because I had to strain to lift him up. My son and I both always felt the break was in such an awkward location on the chair and it was often very hard to push.

When we were presented with the opportunity to purchase an ergonomically correct chair Karma S Ergo 125 Wheelchair, we jumped at the chance. The new chair has been wonderful. It has a no-lift side patent transfer that makes moving him to a couch or beds a breeze. There is a single handlebar for one hand operating and proper posture. The footrests and armrests are fully adjustable and don’t require any bending. And the best part is the automatic brake on the handlebar. With the right wheelchair, you can ensure your family members will have access to the proper mobility products to help them have a fully productive life.

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