Benefits of Using a Commode Chair

Height Adjustable Anti-slip Shower Chair
A commode chair is designed to act as a second toilet for individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness and are unable to walk to the bathroom. By using a bedside commode during your recovery you lower your risk of falling and re-injuring yourself. A Shower commode chair also makes it easier for caretakers to effectively care for there patients without having to transfer their patient all the way to the bathroom. In some instances, the existing bathroom’s doorway is to narrow for an individuals wheelchair to go through safely. In cases like these, a bedside commode is an affordable option compared to remolding the existing bathroom.

Different Kinds Of Commode Chairs
There are a variety of different commode chairs designed to accommodate every individual's needs. Before you purchase  a commode you should consider the following
    Rolling Shower Commode Chair
  • Maximum weight capacity that the commode can hold
  • Seat Width
  • Do you need a commode with wheels?
  • How long will you be needing the commode?
  • Are you a caretaker?
Bariatric Commode: Like all bariatric products a bariatric commode is designed to accommodate individuals that are over 3oo lbs. Unlike regular bedside commodes that can only accommodate up to 300 pounds, most bariatric commodes are designed for individuals up to 600lbs. Unlike traditional commodes that feature smaller seats, a bariatric commode features a wider seat that allows you to sit comfortably without feeling confined. Many bariatric commodes also come with a drop arm for easy transfer from a wheelchair or hospital bed.
Portable Commode: Portable commode chairs are designed to be easily maneuvered and pushed by a caretaker. Most portable commodes are lightweight and feature 4 wheels and can be easily pushed over the carpet, tile, and wood flooring.

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