Thursday, 16 February 2017

Karma Ergo Lite Wheelchair Seats Allow for Greater User Movement

The extremely lightweight Ergo Lite 2501 Transport Wheelchair weighs only 8.16 kg. and features an ergonomically-designed seat and backrest, making it one of the most comfortable transport chairs on the market. The folding seat and backrest make the S-Ergo ideal for storage or travel, and the built in AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion provides added comfort and support.

It’s one of the lightest folding wheelchairs in the world! The compact and light design is ideal for easy handling by attendants. It is equipped with Karma Ergolite 2501 unique S-Ergo seating system, which provides pressure relief and helps stop the user sliding down the seat. The ideal choice for those who need a simple, lightweight wheelchair. The ErgoLite lightweight wheelchair also comes as a self-propelled version.
Karma Ergo Lite 2501 Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 24950

Unique Features:

  • Designed according to human body’s natural curves and functions.
  • Patented in the U.S., EU and many other countries. 
  • Reduces the risk of developing pressure ulcer and scoliosis.
  • The three-stage brake system allows attendants to keep the wheelchair at a standstill without having to bend over.
  • The armrests are specifically designed to allow the user to get closer to the desk-top

Karma KM 2512 Ergo Lite 2 Wheelchair: STURDY DESIGN with double bracing that can withstand weights of up to 100 kg. The Ergo Lite 2 has basic functions of the Ergo Lite but is upgraded with 20" rear-wheel options and detachable footrest.

It is equipped with Karma Ergo Lite Wheelchair unique S-Ergo seating system that provides pressure relief and helps stop the user sliding down the seat. The removable swing in/out footrest hangers are convenient to use and allows Ergo Lite 2 to collapse into a compact package.

Karman proudly announces the product that will redefine ultralight weight at the most competitive price. We did this by mixing a competitive metal (Aircraft Grade T6 Alu) with the most efficient geometry possible in designing a wheelchair.

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