karma soma manual wheelchair

If travel by wheelchair or travel by scooter, make sure your wheelchair or scooter is in good working order before leave house. If chair has not been serviced recently, send it to a repair shop for a general check over. This extra effort can save the heartache of suffering a breakdown overseas; save the time wasted trying to locate a repair shop and save the time wasted waiting for the repair.
Transport considerations should be factored into the initial phase of the wheelchair and seating assessment process. Manufacturers of Soma SM 100.3 Wheelchair and seating systems should make information relating to the safe transportation of their products readily available and easy to understand.

 Soma SM 100.3 Wheelchair Features:
Soma SM 100.3 Wheelchair

Our Price : Rs 8990

  • Elliptical frame

  •     The unique and stylish elliptical frame ensures that the chair is both rigid and robust.
  • Integrated seating system
  •     For intensive wheelchair users, we provide seating system that can be free from hammock effect.
  •     The innovative and durable seating system makes it easy for you to detach seat upholstery for cleaning purpose.
  • Secure non-slip footplate

  •     A non-slip and ergonomic footplate provides you with a stable and comfortable base for placing feet.

  • Energy-saving tipping lever

  •     The ergonomic design allows caregivers to operate the lever without much effort so the   casters can overcome obstacles such as thresholds and curbs.

Soma SM 100.3 Wheelchair Measurements:

  • Seat Width(cm) 43
  • Seat Depth(cm) 42
  • Caster Size(inch)              7
  • Rear Wheel Size(Inch/QR) 16F/22F
Tripod walking stick

Our Price : Rs 740

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Tripod walking stick with steel welded low base:
  •     Comfortable hand grip
  •     Height adjustable: 71.5-94.3cm
  •     Base size: 18-22cm


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