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The concept of power assistance for a Wheelchair 4 Wheel is relatively new, and represents a viable alternative for individuals who are unable to generate sufficient propulsion force to use a Wheelchair 4 Wheel, but do not wish to use a traditional powered mobility device. In a power assisted manual wheelchair, the traditional rear wheel hubs are replaced with motorized hubs that serve to magnify or reduce (i.e., brake) the propulsive force applied to the rear wheel push rims by the user.

Power assistance is being used as the basis for a Smart Power Assistance Module (SPAM) that provides independent power assistance to the right and left rear wheels of a manual wheelchair. The 4 Wheel Wheelchair is able to sense the propulsion forces applied by the wheelchair user and provide a smooth ride by compensating for differences in force applied to each wheel. The 4 Wheel Wheelchair is also able to detect obstacles near the wheelchair, and further modify the forces applied to each wheel to avoid obstacles.

Wheelchair With 4 Small Wheels
Our Price : Rs 6050
The Wheelchair Front Casters by Karman provide the highest quality casters with high abrasion resistant rubber for long lasting tread wear.  These casters may swivel in all direction to provide you with a seamless maneuvers you may perform on your wheelchair.  It is important to choose the right size, diameter, mix whether solid or pneumatic and ensure that the positioning is correct.

The world spins for most of us, and for some we spin right along with it!  For those who live life from the cushion, our experience can be greatly influenced by the style and comfort offered by the seat from which we see life.
New accessories and wheelchair models are constantly springing up and moving ever forward as innovations in technology and independence grow.

Wheelchair Casters: Wheelchair casters come in a variety of diameters and widths and each different style and size will have its own attributes that make it appropriate for different applications. The purpose of wheelchair casters is to stabilize the wheelchair while the drive wheels (powered wheels on a power wheelchair & large handrimmed wheels on a manual wheelchair) propel the wheelchair.
Wheelchair Front Caster Wheel 8 Inch
Our Price : Rs 450

The Wheelchair Front Casters are usually located at the front of the wheelchair but on wheelchairs where the drive wheels are in the center or front of the wheelchair the casters are usually located at the rear of the wheelchair.

Many aspects relating to equipment configuration affect users’ actions in a manual wheelchair, determining the overall mobility performance. Since the equipment components and configuration determine both stability and mobility efficiency, configuring the wheelchair with the most appropriate set-up for individual users’ needs is a difficult task. Several studies have shown the importance of seat/backrest assembly and the relative position of the rear wheels to the user in terms of the kinetics and kinematics of manual propulsion. More recently, new studies have brought to light evidence on the inertial properties of different wheelchair configurations.


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