Monday, 2 January 2017

Choose Right Walking Sticks Used by the Elderly

The purpose of mobility aid products such as walking sticks is to help users move freely by offering support. The use of walking sticks also promises to alleviate pain and discomfort for users and plays an important part in the healing process. To reap all these advantages, users need to know the correct way of using mobility aids. To achieve this objective, they need to avoid certain mistakes while walking with the help of a stick to avoid inconvenience and accidents. Walking difficulty is common in old age. Simple and inexpensive interventions, such as walking aids, provide considerable assistance. However, older people's views on walking aids are likely to affect their uptake, and little knowledge about older people's motivations for using walking aids.

Walking sticks improves a person’s mobility. It helps people of all ages to maintain a healthier and active lifestyle. It can benefit a person’s health by giving them better balance. It lessens the stress on the body and relieves join pain. Mobility Aids For The Elderly use it to move around better and for the things they need to do. It can give a person more confidence and is beneficial for people of all ages. It minimizes weight from the legs, back, knees, hips and ankles and makes feel less tired and more energized in day to day activities.

walking sticks are not only for outdoor hiking. Many people do use sticks in their everyday lives to get from point A to point B whether it’s going to the store or just to get around their house. Sticks can help get objects that seem out of reach and give added support on tired muscles and tendons.
Walking sticks are also great for balance and control. They can help steady when feel yourself slipping (especially if hiking in the wilderness) and can be viewed as a third arm. They are a prop that when used properly, can maximize the walk or hike, protect from the elements and propel to new heights of fitness.

Using a walking stick incorrectly can drastically disrupt the walking gait. The stick should support natural gait, not throw off balance. The stick forward with weak or injured leg. Move the two forward together as if they were a single unit. Use the stick for support if feel that need it, but shouldn’t hold the grip backwards or lean the weight excessively into the stick. Users need to adjust their walking sticks to proper height before using the Walking Sticks And Canes. An improperly adjusted stick won’t offer the support the user needs and can result in a fall. Users who find difficulty determining the correct height of the stick, can consult their therapist or talk to a walker manufacturer or walker mobility aid manufacturer who can provide useful tips on proper ways to use a walking..
Walking Stick
  • Our Price :Rs 400

Walking Stick
High adjustable for user comfort. Non abrasive special engineering plastic material pods for firm base grip Pivotal structure of pod gives support on even and uneven surfaces. Easy lock pin height adjustable.

Walking Stick Features
  • Light weight
  • Strong and durable
  • Good weight bearing
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Long life of the coating
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy size customization

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