4 Wheeled Walker with Fold Up Removable

With a lightweight yet durable steel frame it provides stability and security. With 4 wheels it’s fantastic for anyone who possible puts more weight on one side of their body than the other as it will always provide support and won’t tilt.

4 Wheeled Walker

Our Price : Rs 5500
4 Wheeled Walker can be the perfect mobility solution. It can help to compensate for a decrease in strength, balance or endurance and to reduce the stress on a painful joint or limb. With this added help, you can be more safe and independent in your daily activities. There are 4 main types of walkers: standard, rolling, rollator and combination walkers. 

4 Wheeled Walker Features:
  • Quick foldaway aluminum frame, built in padded seat, hand brake lever.
  • Comes with a durable padded seat and and a padded backrest that can be folded up or down.
  • 7.5" casters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and deluxe loop-locks to ensure rollator will not slip when seated.
  • Sturdy Steel frame comes with a basket for storing personal items.
Rollator is another name for a four wheel walker. A rollator has hand brakes for stability that can be locked for sitting. They allow the user to move as quickly as is safe because they are not slowed by having to lift. Most come equipped with a seat for rest and a basket or bag to hold personal items. Rollators are a very versatile type of walker providing many options for the user

This Childs Walker is easy to handle and use. Also, this Stainless Steel Kids Walker is extensively used by the patient to walk properly with its external support.

Childs Walker

Our Price : Rs 6200
Childs Walker with Stainless Steel offered come in sturdy construction finish so as to provide for optimum functional support in physiotherapy sessions. For comfortable usage, these walkers come supported by wider supporting legs, gripped handles, adjustable knobs and other supports for comfortable walking. Some of its features include function as support for disabled to gain walking practice; sturdy construction finish for lasting usage; made available at competitive prices. These walkers have four posts with wheels on each. They can help children who have issues with balance and posture.

Childs Walker Features:
  • Four-wheeled posture control walkers
  • Reduces the risk of fractures and osteoporosis
  • Increases bone strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient working
  • Highly demanded

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