The Best Scooters for Handicapped Person

Portable mobility scooters (sometimes referred to as travel scooters) are a great option anyone on the go. Many of the models in this category are foldable, while others disassemble completely, leaving several smaller, lighter parts. When compared with our heavy duty offerings, these scooters tend to be more compact and lightweight but may struggle when attempting to traverse rougher terrain.
Side Wheel Attachment Hero Maestro
Our Price : Rs 11750

Mobility scooters are designed for people who have some mobility but are challenged by slopes or distances. We offer a wide variety of mobility Scooter for Handicapped Person to fit needs. Leading manufacturers such as Invacare, Pride, and Drive Medical provide quality scooters that come in a number of styles which can accommodate a wide range of user needs. When selecting a mobility scooter one should consider where the scooter will primarily be used (indoor, outdoor or both), how often the scooter will be transported in a car and any specific seating/accessory needs.

Most mobility scooters are defined by four features which separate them from power wheelchairs: Scooters are directed by a tiller at the front of the base that can steers the front wheel. This arm can be tilted and locked allowing a safe and comfortable ride for all users. Forward and reverse motion is controlled by two thumb levers. The seat of scooters is usually mounted on a stem, allowing many scooter seats to rotate from side to side. Finally, scooters have a base board instead of footrests. Scooters are steered using a tiller, you need sufficient arm strength to drive it and thumb mobility to use the controls. Our staff can walk you through the process of finding the right mobility scooter to fulfill your needs.

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Buying lightweight mobility scooters is smart decision. Though there present in the market other types of mobility scooters too however behind using light weight scooters the prominent reason is easy handling by people impaired due to disease, old age or any other physical problem. Walking a long is simply not possible for senior citizens. So the solution for them to move around as staying at home for lifelong is usually not thinkable is the electric mobility scooters. Easy to recharge and handle even made it as a phenomenal solution to such a delicate problems faced by huge number of folks around the world these days.


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