Affordable Tricycle For A Person With Disability

For children with special needs bike riding does not come easy. Trying to coordinate balance, pedaling and steering is an extremely difficult task. For children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida or other similar conditions, riding a two wheeler may never be a practical option.

Special Needs Tricycles :
Handicapped Child Tricycle
Our Price : Rs 7950

  • New Handicapped Child Tricycle are provided to severely disabled children and adults and come in two sizes, 20 inch and 24 inch models. These trikes are grant funded and to qualify for one of these, an individual must suffer from a condition such as, but not limited to, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury or Autism. Medical proof of the condition will be required.
  • Used tricycles are provided to non disabled individuals on a very limited basis based on community donations. The list is always long for these trikes as very few are donated.
  • For safety reasons, we have to insist on a weight limit of 250 pounds for recipients of special-needs tricycles.

Handicapped Child Tricycle Features :
  • Support such as extra wheels, trunk, head and neck supports. 
  • Adjustable seats and height adjustable backrests to allow for growth. 
  • Hand loops, foot straps, stabilisers, control poles and steering restrictors to provide security and assist with control. 
  • Power assistance to help with reduced power or function in the arms or legs. 
  • Passenger cycles and trailers for children unable to propel a cycle.

Manufacture Deluxe model hand driven tricycle for facilitating easy movement of people from one place to another. These Single Hand Tricycle Deluxe are specially designed for easy maneuvering. Tricycle specifications: Single hand drive (Left or Right) Seat and Back: MS, CRC Sheet Wheel size: 28*11/2” with tyre ,tube Colors: Black painted Break: Front wheel handle operated Drive: Rear wheel 2.

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