Monday, 2 January 2017

Pediatric Walker for Disabled People

Walkers are special crutches used for temporary walking disability. Walkers are stable stool like structures which the person uses by putting full body support and then pushing the Pediatric Walker to next step. Can be used by amputees using artificial limbs, temporary ambulation with plaster casts. Light weight and sturdy anodized aluminum. With push button, length can be adjusted telescopically. Easy to open and close with center button. Foldable for storage and transportation. Steel cross brace provides extra rigidity. PVC hand grips for comfort.

Pediatric Walker

Our Price : Rs 1925
Pediatric Stroke Warriors understands firsthand the journey after stroke. We understand that recovery for a child is ongoing. Procedures, tests, therapy and big emotions can fill a young child’s life. While it can become a family’s “new normal” it is still important to simply take that time to celebrate all a child is doing in re-building strength. We celebrate the Warrior’s that they are through a small gift of smiles and knowing they are not alone.

Pediatric Walkers Features
  • One button folding walker
  • 8 sections height adjustable
  • Light weight and easy to use and fold away smartly
  • With a push button, length can be adjusted telescopically.
  • Suction PVC bush for better grip on any surface
  • Easy to open and close with center button. 
  • PVC hand grip for better comfort

Walkers are simple mechanisms that allow people who are having difficulty balancing themselves while walking to walk safely without injuring themselves by falling. Losing balance and dizziness when walking are common to those of us who are aging. And using a walker to protect one’s self from harm is the wisest thing to do.

Two wheel walker

Our Price : Rs 1975
A walker Two wheel walker allows you to apply some weight on it but the wheels let you to move  without picking up your walker. 
The legs without wheels will save you from rolling forward.

At Ease Living, I have scoured high, low, and around the world to find the best and my favorite rollators. This was not an easy search, and I am not easily swayed by bells and whistles or cost. For my customers, I work to find the best, highest quality products. And my rollators are no different!

Since rollators are something you will depend on to get you around safely, the types I carry are only the sturdiest, most reliable products available on the market.

In recent times, carbon fiber has gained a lot of prominence.
Especially in the automotive and bicycle industry, it has led to
the invention of several breakthrough products. It was only natural forthis 
brilliant material to be used on wheelchair wheels. 
These wheels have been engineered keeping 
in mind the needs of wheelchair users. 

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