Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Walkers for Elderly With Wheels

Whether you need long-term mobility help or just temporary movement assistance, Walkers features products to meet all your needs. Walkers range from simple, lightweight, standard models to heavy-duty, wheeled or knee walkers. Knee walkers are great for situations in which an ankle or foot problem prevents weight bearing and give the arms a break from using traditional crutches. Our wide selection of Walkers With Wheels (rollators) includes those with three or four wheels, locking brakes and baskets. Many feature a flip-down seat for resting or for sitting while being transported.

Walkers With Wheels

Our Price : Rs 1975
If you’re confined to a wheelchair, we don’t need to tell you the smallest tasks can be a big event in a wheelchair. Federal regulations may require public buildings to be wheelchair accessible, but older and private buildings don’t have to follow the same regulations. And there’s always the constant inconvenience of finding the side door, the cargo elevator, or the only staff member with a key.

Karma Walker WK 51 Features:
  • Deluxe Reciprocal Folding Walker 
  • One button folding walker 
  • 8 sections height adjustable 
  • Height Length : 79.5-95 cm
  • Width 5" : caster 
  • Color: Silver, Bronze
  • Pediatric Model also available(WK 54P)
A walker with a built in seat, Height adjustable to ensure ease and comfort for senior citizen or patients, Folds into compact unit for storage and transport, Aluminum light weight folding height adjustable Rolling Walkers With Seats. Ideal for elderly who need to rest after walking.

Rolling Walkers With Seats

Our Price : Rs 2500
At Ease Living, I have scoured high, low, and around the world to find the best and my favorite rollators. This was not an easy search, and I am not easily swayed by bells and whistles or cost. For my customers, I work to find the best, highest quality products. And my rollators are no different!

Handicap Walker With Seat Features:
  • Easy Folding Lever
  • Adjustable Height
  • Non Slip Rubber Shoes
  • Strong Cloth Seat
  • Lowest price online
  • Easy Folding Lever for easy folding and unfolding
  • Adjustable Height

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