Benefit of a bedside commode chair

Anyone with continence and mobility issues can benefit from a bedside toilet.  
Karma Commode Folding Chair Ryder 210 Ms Fc
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Continence and incontinence refer to a person’s ability to control their bladder and/or bowels. Depending on a person’s continence and mobility, the distance between the bed and the toilet can be daunting, especially in new or unfamiliar surroundings. 

There are many reasons that someone might struggle with the distance between the bed and the bathroom, including surgical recovery and rehabilitation, urinary tract infections, balance issues, age, difficulty walking, and some medications.  

Unlike using a bedpan, sitting upright on a bedside commode - as you would on an attached plumbing in-ground toilet - makes it easier to empty your bladder or bowels.  Many doctors and caregivers recommend getting out of bed to use the toilet, rather than a bedpan because it can help prevent pressure points and bedsores.  But rushing to get to the bathroom can increase your risk of falling.  In addition to convenience, bedside commodes provide the peace of mind of knowing that you can safely go to the bathroom as often as you need.  
karma Ryder 210 MS commode Folding Chair
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How are bedside commodes different?
The basic style of a commode chair resembles a normal chair – with an open seat and a basin or pail to collect waste that is then emptied into the toilet. 

But not all bedside commodes are the same – they are made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, PVC, and plastic.  Some toilet chairs are designed to be attached to a regular toilet so that users can adjust the height of their seat and enjoyed added stability when they use the bathroom.  Others are easily maneuvered into the shower and double as a shower chair.  

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