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Economy Folding Power Wheelchair
RS 4399
An Economy Folding Power Wheelchair is much more than the standard foldaway wheelchairs you’re used to seeing at hospitals and airports. It’s a technologically advanced, A sophisticated piece of machinery with a variety of functions to make life easier. They usually have anywhere from 4 to 6 wheels, which make them highly maneuverable, As well as a joystick that controls their movement. A Folding Power Wheelchair can go anywhere from 10-20 miles off a single charge, and usually has a variety of seat Movement options so users can recline, sit upright, lean forward, or assume a variety of other positions. There are several advantages to choosing a Folding Power Wheelchair. They tend to be more compact than a mobility scooter and have a smaller turning radius, making them better for tight indoor areas like elevators, bathrooms, and narrow hallways. 

Folding Power Wheelchairs also have highly adaptable seating options, including Differential pressure redistributing cushions and backrests, footrests, and controls that can adjust the wheelchair to just about any position, so that users with posture issues can feel more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Those who are planning to use the chair in an accessible van may find Economy Folding Power Wheelchair easier to secure, which means they provide a safer ride for seniors on The go. Finally, the fact that they are controlled by a joystick means that users who have lost dexterity in their hands, are paralyzed, or suffer from other Disabilities that may make manually controlling a wheelchair more difficult can take full control of their equipment. The joystick can even be programmed to Controllers triggered by mouth, eye, and foot movements, and more.

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